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E28 shield

Major junctions
West endBerliner Ring, Germany
East endMinsk, Belarus
Countries Germany
Highway system
International E-road network
E 28 road sign on the A6 highway in direction of Germany-Poland border
E 28 route in Lithuania, near Jieznas (road A 16)

European route E 28 is a west-east intermediate road in the international E-road network. Beginning at the Bundesautobahn 10 (Berliner Ring) in Germany, it runs west-east for a length of 1,230 km (760 mi) to Minsk, Belarus. The section between Kaliningrad and Minsk is part of the Pan-European Corridor IX.


In the 1975-version of E-roads, the predecessor of this road was the E26 (and current E26 was called E28) going from Berlin to Gdańsk. It changed its name when it still was this short.[1][2] This was not signposted, as signposting was delayed until the modified version was released, in which the road was called E28.

In the 1950-version of E-roads, signposted until after 1980, the road Berlin-Szczecin was the E74, while Szczecin-Minsk was not an E-road. [3]


Follows A16 and A3


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