European route E403

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E403 shield

Major junctions
North end Zeebrugge (Belgium)
South end Tournai (Belgium)
Countries Belgium
Highway system
International E-road network

The European route E 403 is a European route connecting the Belgian towns of Zeebrugge and Tournai. This north-south route runs entirely on Belgian territory and falls together with the Belgian roads N31 and A17.

European route E 403 passes through the following towns and cities:

Zeebrugge - Bruges - Torhout - Roeselare - Kortrijk - Tournai

Near Bruges there's a connection with the E 40 and near Kortrijk with the E 17.

The E403 near the interchange with the E40 in Bruges.
The E403 in Sint-Michiels, Bruges.