European route E61

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E61 shield

Route information
Length: 270 km (170 mi)
Countries: Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia
Highway system
International E-road network

European route E 61 is a part of the inter-European road system. This Class A intermediate north-south route is 270 kilometres (170 mi) long; it connects the central part of the continent with the Adriatic Sea.


The E 61 routes through four European countries:


A11-AT.svg A2-AT.svg Villach - RosenbachKarawanken Tunnel Slovenia Autokinetodromos A2 number.svg


Autokinetodromos A2 number.svg Austria A11-AT.svg Karawanken TunnelHrušica - Jesenice - Kranj - Ljubljana (Ljubljana Ring Road) Autokinetodromos A1 number.svg
Autokinetodromos A1 number.svg Autokinetodromos A2 number.svg Ljubljana - Vrhnika - Postojna - Divača Autokinetodromos A3 number.svg
Autokinetodromos A3 number.svg Autokinetodromos A1 number.svg Divača - SežanaItaly SS58