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E70 shield

Major junctions
West end: A Coruña (Spain)
East end: Poti, (Georgia)
Countries: Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia
Highway system
International E-road network

European route E 70 is an A-Class West-East European route, extending from A Coruña in Spain in the west to the Georgian city of Poti in the east.


The E 70 routes through ten European countries, and includes one sea-crossing, from Varna in Bulgaria to Samsun in Turkey.


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E 70 (national motorway A-8) entering Galicia in Spain.

The E 70 crosses approximately 686 km or 426 mi through northern Spain. It takes a roundabout route, due to some sections of the A-8 being incomplete.


E 70 (national motorway A 63) in the North of the Landes in France.

The E 70 crosses approximately 989 km or 610 mi through southern France.


E 70 (national motorway A 57) near Mestre in Italy.

The E 70 crosses approximately 650 km or 403 mi through northern Italy.


E 70 (national motorway A 1) Medvedjek slope in Slovenia.

The E 70 crosses approximately 186 km or 115 mi through central Slovenia.


E 70 (national motorway A 3) in Croatia.
Main article: A3 (Croatia)

The E 70 crosses approximately 306 km (190 mi) through northern Croatia.

Starting eastbound at the Bregana border crossing, it follows the western part of the A3 highway to Zagreb, where it reaches the Zagreb bypass at the Jankomir interchange. At the Ivanja Reka interchange E70 again follows A3 going eastbound. It passes control cities Slavonski Brod and Županja before it reaches the Serbian border at Lipovac.


E 70 (national motorway A3) in Serbia.
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The E 70 crosses approximately 205 km or 126 mi through central Serbia.

  • Motorway A3: border of Croatia - Bajakovo - Belgrade (114 km/70 mi)
  • Route 10: Belgrade - border of Romania (91 km/56 mi)


The E 70 passes through approximately 695 km or 431 miles through Romania.

Between Giurgiu and Rousse E 70 crosses Danube river on Danube Bridge.


The E 70 passes through approximately 186 km or 115 mi of northern Bulgaria.

Then it is supposed to cross the Black Sea by ferry to Samsun, Turkey, but there is still no shipping line which runs such a connection.


Near the Black Sea at Yalıköy, Fatsa, Turkey

From Samsun, the E 70 follows the Black Sea coast through Ordu and Trabzon before entering Georgia


Turkish-Georgian Border in Sarpi