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E8 shield

Route information
Length: 1,410 km (880 mi)
Major junctions
North end: Tromsø (Norway)
South end: Turku (Finland)
Countries:  Norway,  Finland
Highway system
International E-road network
Finnish border sign on the E 8 road at Kilpisjärvi (in Finnish, Swedish and Northern Sami)
Road sign above the E75/E8/road 4 near Oulu

The European route E 8 is a European route that goes from Tromsø, Norway to Turku, Finland. The length of the route is 1,410 kilometres (880 mi).

In Finland, the road E 8 follows:

The road E8 was introduced in 1992 between Tromsø–Tornio. In the older E road system it was called E78 since 1962. The E8 was extended Tornio–Turku in year 2002. In the older E road system that was used before 1985 (in the Nordic countries 1992) the E8 went London–Harwich–Hoek van Holland–Hannover–Berlin–Warszawa–Brest.

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