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E90 shield

Major junctions
West end: Lisbon (Portugal)
East end: Silopi (Turkey)
Countries: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey
Highway system
International E-road network

European route E 90 is an A-Class West-East European route, extending from Lisbon in Portugal in the west to the Turkish-Iraqi border in the east.


The E 90 routes through five European countries, and includes four sea-crossings: Barcelona, Spain - Mazara del Vallo, Italy; Messina, Italy to Reggio di Calabria, Italy; Brindisi, Italy to Igoumenitsa, Greece, and Eceabat, Turkey to Canakkale, Turkey.


The E 90 travels through 216 km (134 mi) of central Portugal

  • A-2: Lisbon - Junction with A13 and A6 (58 km (36 mi))
  • A-6: Junction - border with Spain near Badajoz (158 km (98 mi))


The E90 near Zaragoza, Spain

The E90 crosses approximately 998 km (620 mi) across central Spain

From Barcelona, the E90 travels across the Mediterranean Sea towards Sicily. There is no direct ferry crossing from Barcelona to Mazara del Vallo. To get to Mazara from Barcelona three ferry crossings have to be made: Barcelona to Genoa, then Genoa to Palermo in Sicily.


The E90 near Torregrotta, Italy

The E 90 crosses approximately 900 km (560 mi) across the top of Sicily, the bottom of the toe of Italy, and over the top of the heel, to then cross the Adriatic Sea over to Greece.

It is important to note that E90 is not always signed in the region of Sicily. Often, only the Autostrada number is posted at Autostrada freeway entrances and from local, regional and national roads. In that regard, European routes get far less treatment and it is fairly uncommon. The native Sicilian population and mass media reports always refer to E90 as the Autostrada and/or it's numbered route (A29, A19, A20).


The E90 near Veria, Greece

The E 90 passes through 670 km (420 mi) of northern Greece. It is identical with Motorway A2, better known under the name Egnatia Odos.


Coordinates: 37°58′51″N 13°40′09″E / 37.98083°N 13.66917°E / 37.98083; 13.66917