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E-Type Eurotopia album.jpg
Studio album by E-Type
Released October 31, 2007
Genre Eurodance, pop
Label Lulubelle Records/Universal Music
Producer Max Martin
E-Type chronology
Loud Pipes Save Lives
(2004)Loud Pipes Save Lives2004

Eurotopia is the sixth and currently last studio album by Swedish singer-songwriter E-Type, which was released on October 31, 2007.[1] It contains the hit songs "True Believer" and "Eurofighter".

The album is dominated by the vocals of Sanne Karlsson, the newest addition to the band. Album reached 10th peak place in Swedish albums charts, but soon fell off the charts becoming E-Type's least successful album. In Finland it flopped, despite the lead-off single True Believer smashing Finnish singles Chart reaching # 3. It was # 1 hit in Sweden. E-Type has also received lots of Airplay with this single in the UK, but the album did not chart.

In the US, Eurofighter was the first single, but without promotion and music video, it flopped, reaching #91 in Hot 100. In the Club chart, it peaked #6. Worldwide, the album has sold 200,000 copies.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "True Believer" (E-type/Savan Kotecha), chorus vocals by Sanne Karlsson
  2. "The Tide" (E-type), chorus vocals by Sanne Karlsson
  3. "Eurofighter" (E-type/Anna Nordell), chorus vocals by Sanne Karlsson
  4. "Make Us High" (E-type/Anna Nordell), chorus vocals by Sanne Karlsson
  5. "Like a Child" (E-type), chorus vocals by Sanne Karlsson
  6. "Last Day Alive" (E-type/Anna Nordell), chorus vocals by Sanne Karlsson
  7. "To the Lions" (E-type/Anna Nordell), chorus vocals by Sanne Karlsson
  8. "Ding Ding Song" (E-type/Anna Nordell), chorus vocals by Anna Nordell
  9. "Inside" (E-type/Sarah Dawn Finer), chorus vocals by Sarah Dawn Finer

Chart positions[edit]

Chart Peak
Swedish Albums Chart[2] 10
US Billboard 200[citation needed] 109 40,000+


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