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Fight Club
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Also known asEurosport Fight Club
Martial Arts
Country of originEurope
Original language(s)English
Production location(s)Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris, France
Editor(s)Samuel Pagal [2][3]
Annie Vicaire
Charles-Henri Odin
Running time120[1]-180 mins. (within commercial breaks)
DistributorDiscovery Communications
Original networkEurosport
Original release2001
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Fight Club was a martial arts TV magazine program, created by Samuel Pagal and broadcast by the French based, pan-European broadcasting sports channel Eurosport.[4] The program includes various events, bouts and special features of kickboxing throughout the world.

Fight Club was aired on 21:00 CET on Thursdays. The replays were generally scheduled in weekends in shortened versions.


The Fight Club program was notable for airing K-1 events. Its whole calendar was usually shown over the course of the year. The K-1 martial arts organization has tournaments in K-1 MAX for a 70.5 kg (155 lb) weight division, and in K-1 World Grand Prix for the +90 kg (200 lb) weight division. In addition, fight club often covers various kickboxing and Muay Thai events from Europe, within modified rules in European standards.

Featured events[edit]

Organization Country Discipline(s) Notes
Le Choc des Titans France Kickboxing
K-1 Japan Kickboxing [2][5]
WAKO Pro World Grand Prix Italy Kickboxing [6]
United Glory Netherlands Kickboxing
It's Showtime Netherlands Kickboxing/MMA [7][8]
Klash Events Netherlands Kickboxing [1]
King of Kings Lithuania Kickboxing
SLAMM!! Events Netherlands Kickboxing
Champions League Portugal Kickboxing
SUPERKOMBAT Romania Kickboxing [3]
World Freefight Challenge (WFC) Slovenia Kickboxing/MMA [9]
Thailand vs. Challenger Thailand Muay Thai [10][11][12]
Ring Masters Turkey Kickboxing [5][13][14]
King of Kings Moldova Kickboxing

These events usually include bouts for the 75 kg (165 lb) weight division, a weight at which fighters cannot enter into K-1 MAX. The show has also recently taken to air women's fights or tournaments.

Top 10 KOs[edit]

The program also supplies special features like exclusive interviews with fighters and a popular Top 10 KOs list, which encloses the most spectacular knock outs made that year.


Eurosport broadcasts in 20 different languages all around Europe and in English in Asia-Pacific Zone. The commentators for each language are below:

Language Commantator(s) Notes
Central and West Europe
Dutch Fred Royers [15][16][17]
English Will Vanders [18][19]
French Samuel Pagal / Charles-Henri Odin / Pascal Iglicki [2]
Portuguese Carlos Ramjanali
Eastern Europe and Balkans
Bulgarian Kamen Petrov & Ognian Georgiev
Czech Ondrej Novotny & Jan Dominec
Hungarian Ferenc Várhegyi & Róbert Opál
Polish Andrzej Janisz & Piotr Zwierzchowski
Romanian Teo Avramescu & Alex Ganci
Russian Stanislav Golovanov
Serbian Dusko Milanovic
Danish Tania Presutti
Finnish Simo Halmevuo & Petri Martinez
Norwegian No local commentary, broadcast in English
Swedish Kasra Ashami & Ronny Lindqvist
Southern Europe
Greek Makis Kolethras
Italian Dario Puppo & Stefania Bianchini
Spanish Emilio Marquiegui
Turkish Umut Isik & Birol Topuz [5][13]
Former Rosters
Italian Giorgio Ambrogi
Russian Roman Mazurov
Serbian Ognjen Veljic
Swedish Jörgen Kruth

Technical support[edit]

The program is edited in Eurosport Central Building studios which is located in Issy-Les-Moulineaux commune, Paris by Samuel Pagal, Annie Vicaire and Charle-Henri Odin, the editors of the show.[2][3]

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