Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007

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Eurovision Song Contest 2007
Country  Moldova
National selection
Selection process Internal selection
Selection date(s) 14 December 2006
Selected entrant Natalia Barbu
Selected song "Fight"
Finals performance
Semi-final result Qualified (10th, 91 points)
Final result 10th, 109 points
Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Moldova participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 in Helsinki, Finland. The Moldovan entry was selected through an internal selection, organised by the Moldovan broadcaster TeleRadio-Moldova (TRM). Natalia Barbu represented Moldova with the song "Fight", which qualified from the semi-final and placed 10th in the final, scoring 109 points.[1][2]

Internal selection[edit]

Prior to the 2007 Contest, TRM considered withdrawing from the competition due to lack of funds for participation.[3] However, prior to the contest application deadline on 15 November 2006, TRM submitted their intent to participate and in late November, the broadcaster began seeking applications from interested performers.[4][5]

On 11 December 2006, TRM released a list of 34 valid entries from 35 that were submitted to the broadcaster. The song "Can You" by 3BUCKS was disqualified.[6] On 13 December 2006, an internal selection jury selected three finalists from the 34 entries to advance to an internal final round.[7] The jury originally intended to have 7-10 finalists, however, they deemed it unnecessary due to the large margin of votes between the selected three and the other entries.[7] Due to the financial difficulties facing the broadcaster, the three finalists agreed to fund their own potential participation with TRM covering only the expense of the entrance fee.[7] If the artist managed to reach the top 10 in the final of the 2007 Contest, TRM would also cover their expenses.[8]

In an untelevised final on 14 December 2006, an eight-member jury selected Natalia Barbu with the song "Fight", written by Elena Buga and composed by Alexandru Braşoveanu, to represent Moldova.[1] The jury awarded 8, 10 and 12 points to the three songs with "Fight" receiving the top score from seven out of eight jury members.[1] The members of the jury were: Valentin Danga (composer), Ghenadie Ciobanu (composer), Oleg Baraliuc (composer), Inesa Stratulat (singer), Vlad Costandoi (Sens Music), Natalia Brasnuev (OGAE Moldova president), Rodica Cioranica (VIP Magazine), Diana Stratulat (NIT), and accompanied by the non-voting jury president Veronica Subotin (TRM).[8]

Artist Song Round 1 Round 2
R.A.S.A. "Universal Cow" Did not advance
DJ Orion "Desperado" Did not advance
Sasha Bognibov "I Don't Know Why" Did not advance
Artur Osipean "Moe Serce" Did not advance
Pavel Parfeni "Steaua Mea" Did not advance
Mircea "Vreau Sa-Ti Spun" Did not advance
R Atamaniuc "Black And White" Did not advance
Corbus Albus "Trap" Did not advance
D.O.L.L. "Muzica Ma Face Tanar" Did not advance
Future Positive "High Like The Angels" Did not advance
A.D.A.M. "Crazy World" Did not advance
Adam & Irina Vasilicova "Forever These Nights" Did not advance
Ala & Andries "A Butt Of Love" Did not advance
Ion Velcing "Crede-ma" Did not advance
Pro Bachus "Dac-as Fi Zeu" Did not advance
Thales "Hora De Sarbatoare" Did not advance
Cezara "I'm Not Your Slave" Did not advance
Natalia Barbu "Fight" Advanced 94 points
Moldstar "Honey Love" Did not advance
Olia Tira "Your Place Or Mine?" Advanced 70 points
SCROOM "Stop" Did not advance
Lou "Miss Mistery" Did not advance
Georgeta Daraban "Dincolo De Cer" Did not advance
Aylin "Dragostea" Did not advance
Perla "I Do Believe" Did not advance
Olesea Ceaicovschi "Where The Shadows Fall" Did not advance
Acord "Maria" Did not advance
Anghelina "I Would Fly" Did not advance
Catrina Paslaru "Birth Of A Clown" Did not advance
Prinzip "Lenuta" Did not advance
Marcella "My World - My Home" Did not advance
Aliona "I Love You" Did not advance
Zdob şi Zdub "Space Cowboys" Advanced 76 points
Luisia Znamensky "We're Here" Did not advance


Moldova competed in the semi-final of the 2007 Contest on 10 May 2007 performing 9th, following Switzerland and preceding the Netherlands. Moldova qualified to the final, placing 10th in the semi-final and scoring 91 points.[9] In the final, Moldova performed 24th (last), following Armenia. Moldova placed 10th in the final, scoring 109 points.[2]

Points awarded to Moldova[edit]

Points awarded to Moldova (Semi-Final)[9]
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point
Points awarded to Moldova (Final)[2]
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

Points awarded by Moldova[edit]

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