Eurovision 2020 – das deutsche Finale

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Eurovision 2020 – das deutsche Finale
Semi-final9 May 2020
Final16 May 2020
VenueElbphilharmonie, Hamburg, Germany
Host broadcasterNorddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR)
Number of entries40
Voting systemCombination of online voting by the German public and points awarded by a 100-member jury.
Winning song Lithuania
"On Fire"
Barbara Schöneberger, presenter of the Eurovision 2020 – das deutsche Finale final

Eurovision Song Contest 2020 – das deutsche Finale live aus der Elbphilharmonie ("The German final live from the Elbphilharmonie") was a one-off music competition in the Eurovision format, organised and broadcast by the German broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR). It served as an alternative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, which was planned to be held in Rotterdam, Netherlands, but was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The competition consisted of a pre-qualifying round on 9 May 2020 in the television show World Wide Wohnzimmer [de], presented by Dennis and Benjamin Wolter [de] with the support of Peter Urban, and a final on 16 May 2020, hosted by Barbara Schöneberger.[1][2] The pre-qualifying round was broadcast on the television channel One, while the final was broadcast on Das Erste. Both shows were made available for online streaming.[2]


Pre-qualifying round[edit]

The pre-qualifying round World Wide Wohnzimmer – das ESC Halbfinale 2020 took place on 9 May 2020 at 20:15 CEST and featured the following competing entries, which would have taken part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020:[1][3]

Draw Country[4] Artist[4] Song[4] Language(s)[4]
01  Israel Eden Alene "Feker libi" (ፍቅር ልቤ) English, Amharic, Hebrew, Arabic
02  Moldova Natalia Gordienko "Prison" English
03  Austria Vincent Bueno "Alive" English
04  Slovenia Ana Soklič "Voda" Slovene
05  Netherlands Jeangu Macrooy "Grow" English
06  Iceland Daði og Gagnamagnið "Think About Things" English
07  Estonia Uku Suviste "What Love Is" English
08  Serbia Hurricane "Hasta la vista" Serbian[a]
09  Finland Aksel "Looking Back" English
10  Greece Stefania "Supergirl" English
11  Denmark Ben & Tan "Yes" English
12  San Marino Senhit "Freaky!" English
13  Poland Alicja "Empires" English
14  Ukraine Go A "Solovey" (Соловей) Ukrainian
15  United Kingdom James Newman "My Last Breath" English
16  Spain Blas Cantó "Universo" Spanish
17  Latvia Samanta Tīna "Still Breathing" English
18  Portugal Elisa "Medo de sentir" Portuguese
19  Belgium Hooverphonic "Release Me" English
20  Bulgaria Victoria "Tears Getting Sober" English
21  Lithuania The Roop "On Fire" English
22  Belarus VAL "Da vidna" (Да відна) Belarusian
23  Italy Diodato "Fai rumore" Italian
24  Cyprus Sandro "Running" English
25  Croatia Damir Kedžo "Divlji vjetre" Croatian
26  Armenia Athena Manoukian "Chains on You" English
27  Ireland Lesley Roy "Story of My Life" English
28  France Tom Leeb "Mon alliée (The Best in Me)" French, English
29  Norway Ulrikke "Attention" English
30  Malta Destiny "All of My Love" English
31  Russia Little Big "Uno" English, Spanish
32  Romania Roxen "Alcohol You" English
33  Switzerland Gjon's Tears "Répondez-moi" French
34  Azerbaijan Efendi "Cleopatra" English[b]
35  Australia Montaigne "Don't Break Me" English
36  Georgia Tornike Kipiani "Take Me as I Am" English[c]
37  Czech Republic Benny Cristo "Kemama" English
38  North Macedonia Vasil "You" English
39  Albania Arilena Ara "Fall from the Sky" English
40  Sweden The Mamas "Move" English


The final took place on 16 May 2020 at 20:15 CEST and featured the following 10 entries that received most points in the pre-qualifying round:[3][5]

Draw Country[4] Artist[4] Song[4] Language(s)[4] Points[6] Place[6]
Jury Public Total
01  Denmark Ben & Tan "Yes" English 1 8 9 5
02  Azerbaijan Efendi "Cleopatra" English[b] 4 1 5 10
03  Sweden The Mamas "Move" English 5 4 9 6
04  Lithuania The Roop "On Fire" English 10 12 22 1
05  Switzerland Gjon's Tears "Répondez-moi" French 6 3 9 7
06  Malta Destiny "All of My Love" English 8 2 10 4
07  Iceland Daði og Gagnamagnið "Think About Things" English 12 7 19 2
08  Italy Diodato "Fai rumore" Italian 2 6 8 8
09  Bulgaria Victoria "Tears Getting Sober" English 3 5 8 9
10  Russia Little Big "Uno" English, Spanish 7 10 17 3

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