Eurovision Young Dancers 1985

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Eurovision Young Dancers 1985
Final16 June 1985
VenueTeatro Municipale, Reggio Emilia, Italy
Executive supervisorFrank Naef
Executive producerIlio Catani
Host broadcasterRadiotelevisione Italiana (RAI)
Number of entries11
Debuting countries
Voting systemA professional jury chose the top 3 participants.
Winning dancers Spain
Arantxa Argüelles

The Eurovision Young Dancers 1985 was the first edition of the Eurovision Young Dancers, held at Teatro Municipale in Reggio Emilia, Italy on 16 June 1985.[1] Organised by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and host broadcaster Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI), dancers from eleven countries participated in the televised final.

Arantxa Argüelles of Spain won the contest, with Norway and Sweden placing second and third respectively.[2]


Municipal Theatre of Reggio Emilia

Teatro Municipale (also since the 1980s called the Teatro Municipale Valli due to being named after the actor Romolo Valli), a theatre in Reggio Emilia, Northern Italy was the host venue for the 1985 edition of the Eurovision Young Dancers.[1]

Following the destruction by fire of the 1741 Teatro Cittadella in April 1851, the new theatre was designed by the architect Cesare Costa and constructed in the neoclassic style between 1852 and 1857.[3] Its inauguration took place on 21 April 1857 with the performance of the Vittor Pisani by local composer Achille Peri.


The format consists of dancers who are non-professional and between the ages of 16–21, competing in a performance of dance routines of their choice, which they have prepared in advance of the competition. All of the acts then take part in a choreographed group dance during 'Young Dancers Week'.[4]

Jury members of a professional aspect and representing the elements of ballet, contemporary, and modern dancing styles, score each of the competing individual and group dance routines. The overall winner upon completion of the final dances is chosen by the professional jury members.[4]



Awards were given to the top three countries. The table below highlights these using gold, silver, and bronze. The placing results of the remaining participants is unknown and never made public by the European Broadcasting Union.[2]

Draw Country Participant Place
01  Finland Anneke Lönnroth -
02  Spain Arantxa Argüelles 1
03  Belgium Ariane van de Vyver and Ben Huys -
04  Norway Arne Fagerholt 2
05  France Christine Landault and Stephane Elizabe -
06  Netherlands Jeanette den Blijker and Ruben Brugman -
07  United Kingdom Maria Almeida[a] and Errol Pickford -
08  Sweden Mia Stagh and Göran Svalberg 3
09  Italy Sabrina Vitangeli -
10  West Germany Stefanie Eckhof -
11   Switzerland Xavier Ferla -

Jury members[edit]

The only person known to have been a member of the jury is Peter Schaufuss who was the chairman.[5]


The 1985 Young Dancers competition was broadcast in at least 11 countries.

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  1. ^ Shortly before the contest, it was announced that Almeida would replace Viviana Durante.[5]


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