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Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation
Public KK (unlisted)
Industry Wind power industry and Solar power
Predecessor Tomen Power Holdings[1]
Founded November 1, 2001 (as Tomen Power Holdings)[2]
Headquarters Kamiyacho Central Place 7F, 4-3-13, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001Japan[2]
Area served
Japan, Korea, U.S., and Europe[2]
Key people
Masami Shimizu, President[2]
Owner Toyota Tsusho (60%)
TEPCO (40%)[2]
Number of employees
184 (as of April 1, 2010)[3]
  • Eurus Energy Japan
  • Eurus Energy Korea
  • Eurus Energy America
  • Eurus Energy Europe
Website Eurus Energy Holdings

Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation is a holding company of the Eurus Energy Group, Japan's largest wind power developer.[4] Eurus Energy is a joint venture of Toyota Tsusho Corporation and Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and is headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo. It is an Independent Power Producer involved in wind power and photovoltaic power projects in the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Norway, Japan, and South Korea.[5] The total capacity of power plants in operation is 1,986.23 megawatts.[6] "Eurus" is the god of the east wind in Greek mythology.


Projects in Operation as of February 2016[5]
Region Wind Power
Solar Power
Japan 648 233 881
Asia/Oceania 191 4 194
America 616 45 661
Europe 865 0 865
Total 2,320 281 2,601


Eurus Energy Japan Corporation owns the following onshore wind farms operated by its subsidiaries in Japan. [5]

In operation[edit]

Project Location Operator Capacity (MW)
Tomamae Green Hill Wind Park Tomamae, Hokkaido Eurus Energy Tomamae 20
Hamatonbetsu Wind Farm Hamatonbetsu, Hokkaido Eurus Energy Hamatonbetsu 3.97
Enbetsu Wind Park Enbetsu, Hokkaido Eurus Energy Enbetsu 2.97
Sōya Misaki Wind Farm Wakkanai, Hokkaido Eurus Energy Sōya 57
Iwaya Wind Farm Higashidōri, Aomori Eurus Energy Iwaya 32.5
Shitsukari Wind Farm Higashidōri, Aomori Eurus Energy Shitsukari Hilltop 19.25
Mameda Wind Farm Yokohama, Aomori Eurus Energy Yokohama 10.5
Odanosawa Wind Farm Higashidōri, Aomori Eurus Energy Odanosawa Wind Park 13
Eurus Hitz Kitanosawa Cliff Wind Farm Higashidōri, Aomori Eurus Hitz Kitanosawa Cliff 12
Noheji Wind Farm Noheji, Aomori Eurus Energy Noheji 50
Kamaishi Wind Farm Kamaishi, Tōno, and Ōtsuchi, Iwate Eurus Energy Kamaishi 42.9
Tashirotai Wind Farm Kazuno, Akita Eurus Energy Minami Towada 7.65
Nishime Wind Farm Nishime, Akita Eurus Energy Nishime 30
Takine Ojiroi Wind Farm Tamura and Iwaki, Fukushima Eurus Energy Takine Ojiroi 46
Satomi Wind Farm Hitachiōta, Ibaraki Eurus Energy Satomi 10.02
Aridagawa Wind Farm Aridagawa, Kainan, and Arida, Wakayama Eurus Energy Aridagawa 13
Shin Izumo Wind Farm Izumo, Shimane Shin Izumo Wind Farm 78
Ōkawara Wind Farm Tokushima, Tokushima Ōkawara Wind Farm 19.5
Seto Wind Farm Ikata, Ehime Eurus Energy Seto 8
Kihoku Wind Farm Kihoku, Kagoshima Eurus Energy Kihoku 20.8

Under construction[edit]

Two wind farms are under construction.[5]

Project Location Operator Capacity (MW)
Date Wind Farm Date, Hokkaido Eurus Energy Date 10
Kunimiyama Wind Farm Kimotsuki, Kagoshima Eurus Energy Kimotsuki 30


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