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This article is about the Gorgon. For other mythological figures of the same name, see Euryale (disambiguation). For the aquatic plant genus, see Euryale ferox.
Parents Phorcys and Ceto
Siblings Stheno, Medusa, the Graeae, Thoosa, the Hesperides, Echidna, and Ladon

Euryale (/jʊˈrəl/; Greek: Εὐρυάλη "far-roaming"), in Greek mythology, was the second eldest one of the Gorgons, three vicious sisters with brass hands, sharp fangs, and hair of living, venomous snakes. She and her sister Stheno, were immortal, whereas Medusa was mortal. In some versions of mythology, Euryale also had the ability to turn anyone to stone with her gaze.[1]


They were daughters of primordial sea god and goddess Phorcys and Ceto, who personified the dangers of the sea. In many stories, Euryale is noted for her bellowing cries, particularly in the tale of Medusa's death at Perseus' hands.

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