Eurylepis taeniolatus

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Alpine punjab skink
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Family: Scincidae
Genus: Eurylepis
Species: E. taeniolatus
Binomial name
Eurylepis taeniolatus
Blyth, 1854

Eurylepis taeniolatus, the alpine Punjab skink, is a species of skink found in Central Asia and West Asia.


Eurylepis taeniolatus Blyth 1854 is the type species of the genus Eurylepis. Diagnosis of the genus Eurylepis (Griffith et al. 2000): Elongate, 35 or more presacral vertebrae (convergent with many other scincid groups). Limbs relatively slender, lamellae not expanded. Head somewhat conical, dorsal surface convex in lateral view, parietal bone with clear lateral indentations and supratemporal fontanelle open. Sexual dimorphism in head proportions not distinct. Scales shiny, separated by shallow sutures. Two loreals, followed by two presuboculars. Post-nasal scales present. Palpebral scales and superciliaries not separated by groove. Four or five pairs of nuchal scales, followed by several pairs of broadened mid-dorsal scales and broad row of fused mid-dorsal scales. Large medial preanal scales overlie small lateral pair. Ear lobules conspicuous, but not covering ear opening. Color pattern consists of gray-brown background, with pale, broad dorsolateral stripes, more distinct anteriorly, brown rectangular spots dominating posteriorly. Northern extent of range poorly known; southern portion of distribution includes Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and northwestern India.


NW/W Saudi Arabia, S Yemen, NE Iran, Iraq;Afghanistan, Pakistan, (Kashmir);S Turkmenistan

  • Race arabicus: Arabia
  • Race parthianicus: Turkmen-Khorassan (former USSR) area

Type locality: Punjab, India


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