Euskal Herria Bai

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Euskal Herria Bai
Basque Country Yes
IdeologyBasque nationalism
Abertzale left
Left-wing nationalism
Political positionLeft-wing
Departamental Council of Pyrénées-Atlantiques
2 / 54

Euskal Herria Bai (transl. Basque Country Yes, EH Bai) is a Basque political coalition in France, founded in 2007 by Abertzaleen Batasuna, Eusko Alkartasuna and Batasuna.[1] Batasuna disappeared in 2013, being replaced by Sortu.[2]

Election results[edit]

Cantonal elections of 2015[edit]

EH Bai won 17,779 votes (16.09%) in the first round of the elections, getting to the second round in 5 of the 12 cantons of the French Basque Country. In the second round EH Bai won the 78.05% of the vote in the Canton of Nive-Adour, losing in the other 4 cantons (45,40% in Canton of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, 44,43% in the Canton of Ustaritz-Vallées de Nive et Nivelle, 42,87% in Montagne Basque and 38,14% in Pays de Bidache, Amikuze et Ostibarre).[3]

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