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Eustace (/ˈjuːstɪs/ YOOS-tis) is the rendition in English of two phonetically similar Greek given names:

  • Εὔσταχυς (Eústachys) meaning "fruitful", "fecund";[1] literally "abundant in grain""; its Latin equivalents are Fæcundus/Fecundus
  • Εὐστάθιος (Eustáthios) meaning "steadfast", "stable"; literally "possessing good stability"; its exact Latin equivalents are Constans and its derivatives, Constantius and Constantinus

Equivalents in other languages include Ostap (Ukrainian), Eustachy (Polish, Russian), Yevstaphiy (Russian), Eustachio (Italian), Eustache or Eustathe (French), Ustes (Guyanese) and Eustice (English).

The Greek Eústachys is no longer used; Eustáthios/Ευστάθιος (usually transliterated Efstáthios) on the other hand is still popular and often used in the informal or diminutive Στάθης (Státhis).

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