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Eustace Chesser (formerly Isaac Chesarkie) (1902–1973) was a Scottish psychiatrist, social reformer and writer.

Life and career[edit]

He was born in Edinburgh to Russian immigrants and attended George Watson's College. He received his medical degree from the University of Edinburgh.[1] In 1940 he published a sex manual entitled Love Without Fear.[1] It sold 5,000 copies but it was withdrawn, and Chesser was arrested for obscenity.[1][2] Rather than pleading guilty and accepting a fine, Chesser chose to be tried by jury.[3]


  • Love Without Fear: a Plain Guide to Sex Technique for Every Married Adult (1940)
  • The Practice of Sex Education: A Plain Guide for Parents and Teachers (1944)
  • The Unwanted Child (1945)
  • Grow up - and live (1949)
  • Cruelty to Children (1952)
  • How to Make a Success of Your Marriage (1952)
  • Successful living (1952)
  • The Sexual, Marital and Family Relationships of the English Woman (1956)
  • Love and Marriage (1957)
  • Women (1958)
  • An Outline of Human Relationships (1959)
  • Odd Man Out: Homosexuality in Men and Women (1959)
  • Is Chastity Outmoded? (1960)
  • The Cost of Loving (1964)
  • Sexual Behavior (1964)
  • Shelley & Zastrozzi: Self-Revelation of a Neurotic (1965)
  • Unmarried Love (1965)
  • Living with Suicide (1967)
  • Why Suicide? (1968)
  • Twentieth Century Woman (1969)
  • Strange Loves: The Human Aspects of Sexual Deviation (1970)
  • Who do you Think You Are? (1970)
  • Salvation Through Sex: The Life and Work of Wilhelm Reich. (1972)
  • Is Marriage Necessary? (1974)
  • Children by Choice (1947) Reissued in 1950 as A Practical Guide to Birth Control


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