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Eva Carrington (born Evelyn Victoria Anne Chandler; 1887–1979) was an actress, model and sometime peeress.

Modelling career[edit]

London-born Eva Carrington, the daughter of Walter Robert Chandler, an Anglo-Irish orderly room clerk to Colonel Fred Burnaby, was a model for the artist James Whistler between 1898 and 1902. She posed for a number of Whistler's paintings and drawings, e.g. "A dancing woman in a pink robe, seen from the back" ([1]), "The Tambourine" ([2]), "Eva and Gladys Carrington seated on a sofa" ([3]), "The Bead Stringers" ([4][5][6])

Stage career[edit]

She became a renowned actress during the Edwardian period. A famous role was as one of the Gibson Girls in the British theatre performance of "The Catch of the Season"[7]


Eva married Jack Southwell Russell, 25th Baron de Clifford, in February 1906. She adopted the title Lady de Clifford. This marriage, of a commoner and showgirl to a senior peer, created a scandal at the time.[7]

Following her first husband's death, she married Captain Arthur Stock of Glenapp Castle, Ayrshire, in 1913, who also died. In 1922 Eva married George Vernon Tate, grandson of the founder of the Tate Gallery.[8]

She had several children, and the eldest, Edward Southwell Russell, succeeded to the barony.[citation needed]


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