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Eva Gerlach in 1988

Eva Gerlach (born April 9, 1948) is a Dutch poet. She also writes under the name Margaret Dijkstra.[1]

She was born in Amsterdam.[1] In 1979, she published her first collection of poetry Verder geen leed (No Further Distress) in 1979. It was awarded the Lucy B. and C.W. van der Hoogt Prize [nl] in 1981. In 2000, she received the P. C. Hooft Award for her work.[2]

Her work has appeared in various literary magazines and English translations of her poetry were included in the anthologies Women Writing in Dutch (1994) and Turning Tides (1994).[3]

Selected works[edit]

  • Dochter (Daughter), poetry (1984)
  • Domicilie (Domicile), poetry (1987)
  • De kracht van verlamming (The power of paralysis), poetry (1988)
  • Wat zoekraakt (What is lost), poetry (1994), received the Jan Campert Prize[4]
  • Hee meneer Eland, children's poetry (1998)
  • Oog in oog in oog in oog (Eye to Eye to Eye to Eye), children's poetry (2001)
  • Situaties (Situations) (2006)



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