Eva Joly presidential campaign, 2012

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Eva Joly 2012
Campaign Presidential election, 2012
Candidate Eva Joly
Affiliation Europe Écologie-The Greens
Key people Daniel Cohn-Bendit
Noël Mamère
Cécile Duflot
Slogan "Le vote juste" (The right vote)
Joly campaigning

European MP, Eva Joly began a campaign for the French Ecologist presidential primary for President of France in May 2011. Eva Joly announced she was running for president in August 2010. On June 29, 2011, she won the ecologist nomination with 58.16% of the votes over the TV presenter Nicolas Hulot after a disputed campaign.

Political platform[edit]

  • Fight against corruption, banking secrecy and tax havens.
  • 30% of reduction of the emissions of greenhouse gases in 2020 ; stop all nuclear plants in 20 years ; produce 40% of electricity with renewables energies by 2020 ; renovate 1 million homes a year in 2020 ; invest 4 billion euros a year on the train and public transports.
  • Launch an education plan to nature, restore nature, limit the creation of artificial environments, changing the hunting regulations.
  • Stop GMOs, the exploitation of shale gas and the building of new highways, abandonment of major projects, close the incinerators.


After the ecologist primary, in July, she was about 6% of the votes but since March, she is about 3% of the votes.

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