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Eva Krížiková
Born (1934-07-15) July 15, 1934 (age 84)
Račišdorf, Czechoslovakia
Nationality Slovak
Other names Eva Zvaríková (per marriage)
Education State Conservatory, Bratislava:
* Performing Arts (1949-51)
* Professional Theater Course (1951-53)
Occupation Actor, presenter, lecturer
Years active 1952-present
Employer Army Theater, Martin (1953-54)
SND, Bratislava (1954-present)
Spouse(s) František Zvarík (1961-2008)
Children Ján Zvarík (stepchild)
Barbora Zvaríková
Relatives Milan Lasica (cousin)
Awards Eva Krížiková awards
Website Slovak National Theater

Eva Krížiková (Slovak pronunciation: [ˈeʋa ˈkriːʒikoʋaː]; born on July 15, 1934) is a Slovak film and stage actress,[1] often celebrated as one of the greatest entertainers ever in her country of origin [2] and The First Lady of Slovak Humor,[3] respectively. Apart from her cinematic achievements, her name has been credited in over five hundred productions made for television.[3]


The filmography of Eva Krížiková chronicles her film work through the artist's 60 years as a motion picture actress. She initially entered the film industry through a minor, backup role in Paľo Bielik's work The Mountains Are Stirring from 1952. Her first starring role came shortly after that, in Friday the 13th (1953), also by Bielik. However she has been cast in only eighteen feature films in total, her name has been credited in over five hundred productions made for television,[3] one-hundred-thirty-three of which represent TV films and/or series.


Year Nominated work Award Category Result
1972 Yegor Bulychov (as His wife) Andrej Bagar Awards
  • Outstanding Performance
Won [4]
1977 Herself Golden Croc Awards Won [5]
1978 Raca - My Love (as Darina's mother) Život Awards
  • Most Favorite Actress
Won [6]
2001 Seascape (as Nancy) Jozef Kroner Awards
  • Outstanding Performance
Won [7]
Herself Crystal Wing Awards
  • Theater — Female Actor
Won [8]
2002 Slovenka Awards
  • The Woman of the Year
Won [9]
2004 The Grandma (title role) RF Miraculous Nut Piešťany
  • Children's Jury Price
Won [10]
2009 Herself Karel Čapek Awards Won [11]
2011 Slovenka Awards
  • Art and Culture
Won [12]
Lifetime honors
1976 Herself Meritorious Artist Honored [13]
2003 OTO Awards Honored [14]
2005 Mayor of Bratislava Awards Honored [15]
FAJ Awards Honored [16]
LitFond Awards
  • Lifetime work
Honored [17]
2013 IFFB/Municipality of the Capital City of Slovakia
  • Film Walk of Fame
Honored [18]
2014 Pribina Cross
  • 2nd Class
Honored [19]
Note: The years are listed in order of the respective calendar years, annual ceremonies are usually held the next.

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