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Eva Zofia Lomnicka
Born (1951-05-17) May 17, 1951 (age 66)
Citizenship British
Alma mater Cambridge University
MA and LLB
Known for

Financial Services Law

awardssignature =

Eva Zofia Lomnicka (born May 17, 1951)[1] is a Professor of Law at King's College London School of Law. She contributes to a number of leading texts and is an expert on the law of consumer credit and financial services law more generally. She also maintains practice as a Barrister.


Eva has graduated her Bachelor of Laws and Master of Arts degrees at Cambridge University.[2] Her early work focused on discrimination, but soon moved into the fields of consumer credit, as the Consumer Credit Act 1974 was passed.


  • 'The future of consumer credit regulation: a chance to rationalise sanctions for breaches of financial services regulatory regimes?' (2013) 34(1) Company Lawyer 13
  • 'The preventing and controlling the manipulation of financial markets: Towards a Definition of 'Market Manipulation (2001) 8(4) Journal of Financial Crime 297
  • '"Knowingly concerned"? Participatory liability to regulators' (2000) 21(4) Company Lawyer 120
  • 'Unfair credit relationships: five years on' (2012) 8 Journal of Business Law 713
  • 'Education and the Sex Discrimination Act 1975'
  • 'The enforcement of anti-discrimination law'
  • The Law of Security and Title-Based Financing (2012) with H Beale, M Bridge and L Gullifer
  • Modern Banking Law (5th edn OUP 2009) ISBN 0-19-825759-7[3] with EP Ellinger and C Hare
  • The Law of Personal Property Security (2007) with H Beale, M Bridge and L Gullifer
Practitioner guides
  • Palmer's Company Law (25th edn Sweet & Maxwell 1991)
  • Encyclopaedia of Financial Services Law (Sweet & Maxwell, 1987) ISBN 0-421-36880-2[4]
  • Encyclopaedia of Consumer Credit Law (Sweet & Maxwell 1975) ISBN 0-421-20810-4[5]
  • The Financial Services and Markets Act: An Annotated Guide (Sweet & Maxwell 2002) ISBN 0-421-80000-3[6]
  • Journal of Business Law (editor, Financial Services section) (Sweet & Maxwell)

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