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Eva Mroczek is a North American scholar of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Judaism. From 2012-2015 she was appointed as Assistant Professor at Indiana University, Bloomington in the department of Religious Studies and Borns Jewish Studies Program.[1] Beginning July, 2015 she is appointed as Assistant Professor of Pre-Modern Judaism at the University of California, Davis in the department of Religious Studies.[2] Mroczek earned her PhD at the University of Toronto in 2012,[3] her dissertation is entitled, Psalms Unbound: Ancient Concepts of Textual Tradition in 11QPsalmsa.[2] Her first monograph is currently under contract with Oxford University Press entitled, The Literary Imagination in Jewish Antiquity.[2] In addition to numerous peer-reviewed academic publications,[2] Mroczek has a presence as a public intellectual, with a number of articles in peer-reviewed venues aimed towards an interested public in the Society of Biblical Literature Bible Odyssey Website Showcase,[4] Religion Dispatches[5] and the Los Angeles Review of Books Marginalia Online Journal.[6][7] Mroczek is an alumna of the Ecole Biblique[2] and is appointed as the Fall 2015 fellow at the Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, University of Pennsylvania and the Spring 2016 fellow at the Frankel Center for Judaic Studies, University of Michigan for work on her second book, The Other David: Between the Tanakh and the Palmach.


  • The literary imagination in Jewish antiquity (New York, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016)


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