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Eva Picardi

Eva Picardi (1948–23 April 2017) was an Italian philosopher.

Early life and education[edit]

Picardi graduated from the University of Bologna, and in 1984 received her PhD at Oxford University under the supervision of Michael Dummett, with a dissertation on assertibility and truth. She studied at Erlangen/Nürnberg as a Von Humboldt Fellow and served as visiting professor at the University of Helsinki in 1986 and at the University of Bielefeld.[1]

Professional career[edit]

She was a member of the editorial committees of the following journals and collections: "Lingua e stile”, "European Journal of Philosophy”, “Iride", "Journal for the History of Analytic Philosophy”, "New Series on the History of Analytic Philosophy". She was president of the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy from 2000 until 2002.[2] Picardi served as director and later principal Investigator of Cogito, Research Centre in Philosophy.[3] and Member of Bologna Academy of Sciences[4]

In 2009, she was a visiting fellow at All Souls College in Oxford. She translated Gottlob Frege posthumous writings and other writings.[5] She had a central role in the diffusion of analytic thought in Italy also with the translation and editorship of works by contemporary philosophers such as Davidson, Grice, Putnam and Dummett, of whom she edited the Italian edition of The logical Basis of Metaphysics. Her intellectual relation with Michael Dummett was fundamental; she invited him several times in Italy and translated and edited his lectures on the Origins of Analytic Philosophy, which preceded the publication of the original book.[6][7]). She helped Dummett find a place to play old style Tarocchi in Bologna, an occasion that was relevant for the interests in tarots by the Dummett of many books on the subject.[8]

Eva Picardi leaves a relevant number of scholars who studied with her and are now teaching in Italy, England, Finland and the United States.[9][10] She has worked with philosophical figures in contemporary philosophy of language and her work has been discussed or quoted by philosophers like Donald Davison,[11] Saul Kripke,[12] and Michael Dummett.[13] She published on Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie Zweimonatsschrift der internationalen philosophischen Forschung, European Journal of Philosophy, Grazer Philosophischen Studien, History and Philosophy of Logic, Poznan Studies in the Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities, Synthese.


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