Evaline, Washington

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Evaline is a small unincorporated community in Washington, United States,[1] south of Napavine and 3 miles north of Winlock.

Evaline Elementary School is located at 111 Schoolhouse Rd, Winlock, WA, 98596 (Lewis County). It is a K-6 school with 36 students 2006.


  • The earliest white settlers in this area were the Urquharts and the MacDonalds.[1]
  • Sedate W. Porter (b. Feb 12, 1867, Pennsylvania; d. March 10, 1927, Lewis Co., WA) founded the town and established the post office on Feb. 14, 1906, which was open until 1930.[2]
  • Northern Pacific Railroad operations began from Kalama to Evaline, Washington (25 miles). July 1, 1872 [3]

(Hunt and Kaylor, p. 448). The PO was discontinued Nov. 15, 1930 (Ramsey, p. 125). The Evaline School district serves the two-room Evaline Elementary School. Middle school and high school students are bused to Winlock (Nix, p. 41).

Coordinates: 46°32′22″N 122°56′17″W / 46.53944°N 122.93806°W / 46.53944; -122.93806


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