Evan J. Crane

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Evan J. Crane
Chemists Club library Emily J. Fell, Evan J. Crane, Austin M. Patterson 2003.531.084 (cropped).tif
Evan J. Crane (searching in a library catalog) with Austin M. Patterson (sitting) and librarian Emily J. Fell (from behind), c.1917-1923
Born(1889-02-14)February 14, 1889
DiedDecember 30, 1966(1966-12-30) (aged 77)
Known foreditor of Chemical Abstracts

Evan Jay Crane (February 14, 1889 – December 30, 1966)[citation needed] was an American chemist and the editor of Chemical Abstracts 1915–1958.[1]

He graduated from Ohio State University in 1911,[2] and received an Honorary D.Sc. there in 1938.[3]

In 1951 he was awarded the Priestley Medal, the highest honour of the American Chemical Society,[2] and in 1953 the Austin M. Patterson Award.[4]

In 1958, at the 134th national meeting of the American Chemical Society, Crane was presented with a commemorative scroll from the ACS Division of Chemical Literature, worded as follows:

For Outstanding Contributions to Chemical Literature:

1: His superlative long-time editing of the world's outstanding abstracts journal, Chemical Abstracts;
2: His senior authorship of the classic book, A Guide to the Literature of Chemistry;
3: His many contributions to the development of chemical nomenclature;
4: His pioneering contributions during formation of the Division of Chemical Literature, culminating in his service as the Division's first elected Chairman.[5]


  • A Guide to the Literature of Chemistry, by E. J. Crane and Austin M. Patterson (Wiley, 1927) (2nd edition: 1957, with Eleanor B. Marr)


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