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Evangelica was a magazine started in 1980 following the controversial dismissal of Seventh-day Adventist theologian Desmond Ford. It was published until 1987, and had an "Evangelical Adventist" perspective.

It has OCLC 10234046.


Evangelica was established in 1980[1] following Desmond Ford's dismissal from ministerial and teaching positions over his criticisms of the Adventist church's investigative judgment teaching. Ford soon formed his own non-denominational gospel ministry Good News Unlimited.

The "dissident bimonthly" Evangelica based in Napa, California was founded in reaction.[2] Evangelica promoted the cause of evangelical Adventism.[3] One author describes it as "wholly dedicated to the Fordian view on righteousness by faith, and the first issue gave a blow-by-blow description of the sacking of Ford."[4] It was published alternately with Evangelica update (library number OCLC 9883255).[5] Evangelica update was apparently published from 1982 till 1998, and also in 1993.[5] Evangelica ceased publication in 1987.[1]


  • Alan Crandall[6]

In popular culture[edit]

A horse named after the magazine competed in the 1997 Grand National steeplechase finishing last of seventeen to complete the course.

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