Evangelical Lutheran Church – Synod of France and Belgium

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The Evangelical Lutheran Church - Synod of France, (French: Église Évangélique Luthérienne Synode de France, or EEL-SF) is a confessional Lutheran church body in France. Around a dozen parishes belong to EEL-SF. Their locations are listed below.

The EEL-SF is a member of the European Lutheran Conference. It is also a member of the ILC, in which the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod of North America has also been a member.[1]

The EEL-SF formed in 1927 by congregations founded during the 19th century when people left the Protestant Church of Augsburg Confession of Alsace and Lorraine for doctrinal reasons. Outreach started before and after World War 2. The Synod supports francophone churches in Central Africa and is involved in leadership training in West Africa.[2] It currently has 957 baptized members in France.[3]

The president is the Reverend Jean Thiébaut Haessig, who is also pastor for the congregation in Chatenay Malabry in the Île-de-France Hauts-de-Seine Arrondissement Antony in the southwestern suburbs of Paris. Pastor Haessig is also president of the European Lutheran Conference. Pastor Haessig is also the director of the media outreach "L'Heure Luthérienne" (site: www.mediachrist.com), a spinoff from Lutheran Hour Ministries.

List of congregations in France[edit]

Heiligenstein. Bas-Rhin. Pr. Schaeffer. 28 rue Principale. heiligenstein@eglise-lutherienne.org

Lembach. Bas-Rhin. Pr Volff. 6 rue du Maire Dielmann. lembach@eglise-lutherienne.org

Mulhouse. Eglise Luthérienne du Christ. Pr Poillet. 21 chemin des Ardennes. mulhouse@eglise-lutherienne.org website

La Petite Pierre. Bas-Rhin. Pr Jautzy. 39 rue Kirchberg (maison de Retraite). kirchberg@libertysurf.fr

Schillersdorf. Bas-Rhin. Pr Jautzy. 16 rue Principale. schillersdorf@eglise-lutherienne.org

Strasbourg. Eglise Luthérienne de la Croix. Pr Schaeffer. 6A place d'Austerlitz. strasbourg@eglise-lutherienne.org website

Woerth. Bas-Rhin Pr Volff. 12 rue de Hagenau. woerth@eglise-lutherienne.org

Paris. St Sauveur. Pr Roger Jones (of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England). 105 rue de l'Abbé Groult. 75015. paris@eglise-lutherienne.org St Sauveur website

Beaussais. Deux-Sèvres Pr. Amilhat. Temple 79370. beaussais@eglise-lutherienne.org

Paris (Chatenay Malabry). Eglise Luthérienne Saint-Pierre. Pr Haessig. 9 rue Jules Barbier. chatenay@eglise-lutherienne.org St Pierre website

Paris (Saint Maur des Fossés). Eglise Luthérienne Saint Jean. Pr Aoustin. 109 avenue Beaurepaire. saint-maur@eglise-lutherienne.org St Jean website

Poitou-Charentes. Mission.

Troyes. Mission.

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