Evangelical Members within the Uniting Church in Australia

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The Evangelical Members within the Uniting Church in Australia (EMU) was a conservative lobby group within the Uniting Church (UCA). They were previously known as Evangelical Ministers of the UCA. As of 2007 they merged with The Assembly of Confessing Congregations.

EMU espoused Evangelical views and was an example of the Confessing Movement. They are strongest in South Australia where Methodism was the strongest strand coming into the UCA. EMU had gained prominence as a result of their opposition to gay ordination in the lead up to the 1997 Assembly.

While gay ordination was the catalyst in forming this group, EMU had a broader charter than homosexuality, rather the fundamental issue was one of Biblical authority.

The purpose of EMU was stated to be: 1. Encourage an evangelical contribution to the Uniting Church and 2. Provide support for evangelical ministers, members, congregations and groups within the Uniting Church.

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