Evangelical Presbyterian Church in England and Wales

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The Evangelical Presbyterian Church in England and Wales (EPCEW) is a reformed and conservative evangelical denomination in both England and Wales and Sweden.


In 1986, a presbyterian conference was held in a Free Church of Scotland chapel in London, where a vision of a new Presbyterian denomination in England was proposed, which was to be faithful to Scripture and adhere to the Westminster Confession. As a consequence, the Presbyterian Association in England was formed in 1987[1] from several small Christian groups and existing congregations with efforts at church planting following. In 1991, an interim Presbytery was formed with congregations in Blackburn, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Durham and Hull to work towards the establishment of the new denomination. This came to fruition in 1996,[1] taking the name, Evangelical Presbyterian Church in England and Wales.[2] In 2000, two congregations in Cardiff, Immanuel and Bethel, were accepted into communion.[3][4]

International organisations[edit]

Along with the Free Church of Scotland and the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing), the denomination is one of the three members of the International Conference of Reformed Churches from Great Britain,[5] and one of seven European Christian denominations who founded the European Conference of Reformed Churches.[6]


As of 2015, the denomination has seventeen congregations at:[7]





The denomination publishes The Presbyterian Network in Spring and Autumn with theological and pastoral articles and news from its congregations.[24]


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