Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa

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The Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa was established by Swiss missionaries in 1875 among Tsonga people in Valdezia. It was formerly known as Tsonga Presbyterian Church. Mission stations was established in eastern and northern part of Transvaal. Congregations was established in Pretoria, Reef and Orange State and Zululand. The official language of the church was Tsonga. In 1962 the church become independent, but still relied supply from Swiss missionaries.[1]

The activities of the church include evangelism and church planting, and playing a frontier role in the battle against AIDS/HIV. Member of the World Communion of Reformed Churches,[2] the South Africa Council of Churches and the All Africa Conference of Churches and World Council of Churches. The church has 50,000 members and 42 congregations and 250 preaching points and 7 presbyteries.[3][4]


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