Evangelical Reformed Church in Bavaria and Northwestern Germany

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The Evangelical Reformed Church – Synod of Reformed Churches in Bavaria and Northwestern Germany (German: Evangelisch-reformierte Kirche – Synode evangelisch-reformierter Kirchen in Bayern und Nordwestdeutschland) is a Reformed member church of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD).

It has its seat in Leer (East Frisia). The church has approximately 187,913 parish members in 142 parishes (December 2005) and is one of the two reformed churches within the EKD. Member of the Reformed Alliance.[1] It belonged also to the Confederation of Evangelical Churches in Lower Saxony, and joined 2003 of the Union of Evangelical Churches in Germany. It is also a member of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe. The main church of the Evangelical Reformed Church is the Große Kirche ("great church") in Leer.


Ordination of women and blessing of same-sex unions were allowed.[2]


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