Evangelical Reformed Presbyterian Church

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The Evangelical Reformed Presbyterian Church was a Christian denomination of the Reformed tradition founded in late 2004. The first member churches were received in 2005. According to information on its website, the ERPC's formation was in response to a perceived acceptance by churches such as the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and Presbyterian Church in America of departures from Biblical doctrine in a number of areas, including:

The ERPC was governed by a General Synod, presbyteries, and elders (sessions) elected by the local congregations. Under the denomination's Form of Government, local congregations delegated specific and limited powers to presbyteries and synods, designed to promote orthodoxy, evangelism, and the spiritual well-being of the membership while strongly limiting denominational bureaucracy. The ERPC was dissolved by a vote of member churches at a meeting of the Presbytery in October, 2015. The meeting was held at Grace Presbyterian Church in Hanover, Pennsylvania on October 16, 2015.

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