Evangelicalism in the Philippines

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Evangelicalism is of the minor Christian denominations in the Philippines and is the fourth most widespread in the nation's people, followed closely by Iglesia ni Cristo and Hinduism. According to the 2000 census, 2.8% of the Filipino population are Evangelicals.[citation needed]

Population and organizations[edit]

Overseas Filipinos (OWF) from the Philippines have come abroad and have spread their religions to the people of their residing location, one of these religions being Evangelicalism. The UAE, being a country where most OFWs move to, has about four Evangelical churches.

The following table depicts the percentage of Filipino Evangelicals to other Christian Branches in the Philippines.

Evangelicalism Roman Catholic Iglesia ni Cristo Protestantism
2.8% 70.9% 2.3% 8%

Note: the table depicted above shows the Evangelical percentages in Philippines prior to the year 2000. Philippines` Christian population most likely had increased or decreased over the years.

Filipino Evangelical Organizations and churches[edit]

Filipino Evangelical churches have expanded over the years, most notably The Evangelical Church Diaspora (TECD), formerly The Evangelical Church of Dubai. The diaspora does include some Indian converts.

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