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Evans Chan (陳耀成) is a Hong Kong Second Wave film director. His work usually focuses on exploring identities of Hong Kong people, such as To Liv(e) (1992), Crossings (1994) and The Map of Sex and Love (2001).

To Liv(e) is the most famous films among his works. It is a film about the protagonist writes letter to famous Norwegian Liv Ullmann to express discontents about her criticisms on Hong Kong Government's policies dealing with Vietnamese boat people. The film is a metaphor concerning the identity crisis of Hong Kong people in facing the June Fourth Incident and 1997 Handover.

To Liv(e) is widely acclaimed by academic scholars and film critics. The film received Best Actress (Lindzay Chan) and Best Supporting Actress (Josephine Koo) in Golden Horse Film Festival 1992.


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