Evarcha arcuata

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Evarcha arcuata
Flickr - Lukjonis - Jumping spider - Evarcha arcuata (Set of pictures) (1).jpg
male Evarcha arcuata
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Arachnida
Order: Araneae
Family: Salticidae
Genus: Evarcha
Species: E. arcuata
Binomial name
Evarcha arcuata
(Clerck, 1757)

Araneus arcuatus
Aranea marcgravii
Aranea grossipes
Aranea truncorum
Aranea goezenii
Aranea frontalis
Salticus grossipes
Attus limbatus
Dendryphantes grossus
Euophrys farinosa
Attus grossipes
Marpissa grossa
Euophrys arcuata
Euophrys paludicola
Maturna arcuata
Attus viridimanus
Attus arcuata
Maturna grossipes
Euophrys limbata
Attus albociliatus
Attus farinosus
Hasarius arcuata
Ergane arcuata
Hasarius farinosus
Evarcha marcgravii

Evarcha arcuata is a species of jumping spider.


male from above

Males reach a body length of about six, females up to eight millimetres. The female has a brown and whitish cephalothorax, and an opisthosoma with a distinct pattern of black diagonal spots, sometimes with a white outline. The male is in contrast almost black with a copper-like gloss. His face features a horizontal pattern of black and white stripes. While males are found very frequently, females often hide in their retreats, for example between rolled leaves. During early winter she guards her egg sac here.[1]


The species name is possibly derived from Latin arcus "bow", with the meaning "arched", referring to the arched abdomen.


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