Eve's pudding

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Eve's pudding
A home made Eve's pudding
Type Pudding
Place of origin United Kingdom
Main ingredients Victoria sponge cake, apples
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Eve's pudding is a type of traditional British pudding now made from apples and Victoria sponge cake mixture. The apples are allowed to stew at the bottom of the baking dish while the cake mixture cooks on top. The name is a reference to Eve and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.


The earliest known version, in Mary Eaton's 'The Cook and Housekeeper's Dictionary' of 1823, predates baking powder and therefore uses a breadcrumb-and-egg sponge.

Mother Eves pudding from 1860 contained apples, but with suet and was boiled.


"Take of sliced apple, well washed currants, grated bread, and finely shred suet, each twelve ounces, mix them in a bowl, with half the rind of a lemon, minced, and moisten with four well-beaten eggs. Boil in a buttered mould, and serve with a sweet sauce, as follows:- Sweeten a quarter of a pint of melted butter, add nutmeg, a large glassful of sherry, and part of the juice of a lemon. Time: 3 hours to boil."[1]


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