Eve of the War

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Eve of the War
EP by Alchemist
Released November, 1998
Recorded June & August 1998 at the Gypsy Bar, Canberra & Backbeach Studios, Rye, Victoria
Genre Progressive metal
Avant-garde metal
Death metal
Length 37:22
Label Thrust
Producer D.W. Norton
Alchemist chronology
Eve of the War
Promo 99

Eve of the War is an EP from the Australian progressive metal band, Alchemist. The EP was released by Shock Records through its subsidiary label Thrust in November 1998. The title track, "Eve of the War" is a cover of the opening piece from the British 1978 production, Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds. The EP also features two live songs; "Yoni Kunda" first released on Lunasphere, and "Chinese Whispers" first released on Spiritech, a remix of "Yoni Kunda", and two re-mastered songs from Jar of Kingdom. A video clip of the title track was also made.

The EP is now deleted, with "Eve of the War" and the live version of "Chinese Whispers" later included on the Embryonics compilation album in 2005. [1]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Eve of the War"   Jeff Wayne 5:16
2. "Yoni Kunda (live)"   Alchemist 5:32
3. "Chinese Whispers (live)"   Alchemist 9:30
4. "Koni Yunda"   Alchemist 3:58
5. "Brumal: A View From Pluto"   Alchemist 5:46
6. "Worlds Within Worlds"   Alchemist 7:20


Band members[edit]

Guest musicians[edit]


  • Produced and engineered by D. W. Norton at Backbeach Studios, VIC 1998
  • Live tracks engineered by Chock
  • Tracks 5 and 6 taken from Jar of Kingdom


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