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Privately held company
Industry Aerospace
Founded 1970
Headquarters Kunovice, Czech Republic
Products Light aircraft
Website www.evektoraircraft.com
Eurostar EV-97 in England, 2007
An EV-97A being pulled into position for refueling

Evektor-Aerotechnik is manufacturer of general aviation aircraft, based in Kunovice in Czech Republic. The company produces range of light sport aircraft, training and advanced ultralight aircraft that are exported to 40 countries worldwide. Evektor-Aerotechnik is actively engaged in project of twin engine turboprop airplane for 9 – 14 passengers - the EV-55 Outback.[citation needed]


Evektor-Aerotechnik is based at Kunovice airport; in a region known for a famous tradition of aircraft industry since 1936. LET Kunovice, today Aircraft Industries, producer of twin engine 19-seat turobprop aircraft L-410 as well as Moravan Aeroplanes - producer of Zlin aircraft are located in the region. History of Evektor-Aerotechnik dates back to 1970 when Aerotechnik was established as a producer of small general aviation airplanes. Its first aircraft programmes involved gyrocopeters and motor gliders, later diversifying into overhaul and maintenance of a range of Czech general aviation aircraft, including the Zlin aircraft family.[1]

Production of light sport aircraft and advanced UL aircraft was launched in 1996, starting with P220UL Koala aircraft and followed by EV-97 Eurostar (introduced in 1997) and SportStar aircraft programmes. Evektor SportStar became the very first light sport aircraft in the world approved by FAA in USA in 2004 and today's fleet Evektors´ UL and LSA aircraft belongs to the largest in the world. In years 1997–2004 Evektor-Aerotechnik was participating in subdeliveries of airframe parts in program of single engine turboprop Aero 270 of Aero Vodochody. In 2004 the company introduced single engine four-seater VUT100 Cobra and in 2010 new modern twin engine turboprop Evektor EV-55 Outback[2] made roll-out followed by first flight in 2011.[3]


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