Evelyn (ward)

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electoral ward
Coordinates: 51°29′13″N 0°02′07″W / 51.487°N 0.0352°W / 51.487; -0.0352Coordinates: 51°29′13″N 0°02′07″W / 51.487°N 0.0352°W / 51.487; -0.0352
Country United Kingdom
Constituent country England
Region London
County Greater London
London borough Lewisham
Population 16,603
The electoral ward of Evelyn (red) shown within the London Borough of Lewisham (orange)

Evelyn is an electoral ward in the northernmost part of the London Borough of Lewisham.[1] It is located in the Deptford area on the south bank of the River Thames, and is the only Lewisham ward that borders the Thames. Occupying the northern corner of the London Borough of Lewisham, the Evelyn ward borders only one other Lewisham ward, which is New Cross to the south. But Evelyn borders wards from three other London Boroughs, Greenwich West in the Royal Borough of Greenwich to the east, Surrey Docks of the London Borough of Southwark to the northwest, and across the River Thames on the Isle of Dogs, the Millwall ward from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

It is named after John Evelyn who settled in Deptford with his wife in 1652. Their house, Sayes Court, adjacent to the naval dockyard, was purchased by Evelyn from his father-in-law Sir Richard Browne in 1653 and Evelyn soon began to transform the gardens.

Evelyn Street is the main road passing through the area, it is part of the A200 road and is in a southeast to northwest direction. Deptford railway station is located in the southeast of the ward where Evelyn's entire southern border follows the railway line.


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