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For other uses, see Evelyn.
Pronunciation ev(ə)lin, eevlin
Gender unisex
Language(s) English
Language(s) English
Word/name Evelyn (surname)
Derivation from Norman French feminine personal name Aveline

Evelyn is a name in the English language, where it can be used as a first name or a surname.

As a first name, it can refer to persons of either sex, although it is more commonly borne by females. The name originally was used a surname, which derived from Aveline, a feminine Norman French diminutive of the name Ava.

Evelyn is also sometimes used as an Anglicisation of the Irish or Aibhilín and Éibhleann.[1] Aibhilín is a variant form of Eibhlín, which is also derived from the Norman French Aveline.[2] Éibhleann, on the other hand, is said to be derived from the Old Irish óiph, which means "radiance", "beauty"; a variant of this name is Éibhliu, another Anglicised form of the name is Evilin. Another school of thought is that the name "Evelyn" means "hazelnut".[3]

Variant forms of the feminine first name Evelyn include: Evelyne, Eveline, Evaline, Evelin, Evylen, Eveleen.[1]

Persons with the surname[edit]

Persons with the first name[edit]

  • Evelyn Ashford (born 1957), US female sprinter, gold medalist of the women's 100 meters running during the 1984 Summer Olympics
  • Evelyn Margaret Ay, winner of the 1954 Miss America pageant
  • Evelyn Beatrice Hall, writer and biographer of Voltaire
  • Evelyn Braxton, mother of seven-time Grammy Award-winning R&B singer-songwriter Toni Braxton
  • Evelyn Brent (1901–1975), American film and stage actress
  • Évelyne Brochu (born 1982), Canadian film, television and theatre actress
  • Evelyn Carrera (born 1971), Dominican Republic volleyball player
  • Evelyn De Morgan (1855–1919), English Pre-Raphaelite painter
  • Ewelina Flinta (born 1979), Polish singer
  • Evelyn García, Salvadorian cyclist
  • Evelyne Gebhardt (born 1954), German politician and Member of the European Parliament
  • Evelyn Gigantes (born 1945), Canadian politician and Cabinet Minister
  • Evelyn Gandy, first woman to be elected as the Lieutenant Governor of the state of Mississippi, USA (1975)
  • Evelyn Hatch (born 1869), muse of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
  • Evelyn Hart (born 1956), Canadian ballerina and principal dancer of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet
  • Evelyn Hooker (1907–1996), American psychologist most noted for her studies on homosexuality
  • Evelyn Keyes (1916–2008), American actress most noted for her role as Suellen O'Hara in the 1939 film Gone with the Wind
  • Evelyn Kozak (1899–2013), American supercentenarian who was the world's oldest living Jewish person.
  • Evelyn King (singer) (born 1960), popular American R&B and disco singer of the late '70s and early '80s
  • Evelyn Lau (born 1971), Chinese-Canadian poet and novelist
  • Evelyn Laye (1900–1996), British theatre actress
  • Evelyn Lear (1926–2012), American soprano and opera singer
  • Evelyn Lincoln (1909–1995), personal secretary to John F. Kennedy from his election to the Senate in 1953 until his 1963 assassination
  • Evelyn Beatrice Longman (1874–1954), American sculptor and first woman to be elected a full member of the National Academy of Design
  • Evelyn Mase (1922–2004), South African nurse and first wife of Nelson Mandela
  • Evelyn Matthei (born 1953), Chilean politician, former Minister of Labor and candidate for President of Chile in 2013
  • Evelyn Nesbit (1884–1967), American model noted for her entanglement in the murder of her ex-lover by her first husband
  • Evelina Papantoniou (born 1979), Greek model
  • Evelina Papoulia (born 1971), Greek actress
  • Evelyn Preer (1896–1932), African-American actress and blues singer
  • Evelyn Reed (1905–1979), leading member of the American Socialist Workers Party and women's rights agitator
  • Evelyn Sharma, German-Indian actress and model
  • Evelyn Thomas (born 1945), American disco singer
  • Evelyn Tubb, soprano and long-time member of The Consort of Musicke
  • Evelyn Underhill (1875–1941), English writer on mysticism and metaphysical poet
  • Evelyn Valerie Zangger (born 1980), Swiss singer-songwriter
  • Evelyn Verrasztó (born 1989), Hungarian swimmer
  • Evelyn Wells, biographer, especially of the ancient Egyptian royals
  • Evelyn Williamson (born 1971), New Zealand triathlon athlete
  • Evelyn Wood (teacher) (1909–1995), American advocate of speed reading
  • [[Evelyn O'Neill(born 2004) Singer, swimmer and plans on going to the olympics

Fictional characters[edit]


  • SS Eveleen, a British coaster in service under this name 1920–43 and 1946–57.

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