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Evelyn Ashamallah (Arabic: إيفيلين عشم الله‎‎) is a female Coptic painter, born in Desouk, Kafr el-Sheikh, Egypt in 1948 to Ashamallah Eskandar Hanna and Elaine Mikhail Hanna.

She graduated from the faculty of fine arts at Alexandria University in 1973 and married an Egyptian Journalist, Mahmoud Youssry and they have two sons. During the 1980s she lived in Algeria for a few years with her husband. She has three brothers. In 2000 she worked as the manager of the Egyptian Museum for Contemporary Art until she resigned in 2002.[1]

Ashmallah's artistic approach has moved from natural landscapes to abstract portraits and plants.[2] She has used various media, including oil, wax, and acrylic.[3]

Ashamallah had her 22nd art exhibition in 2005.[4] Her style is now known for its playfulness, and the evoking of magic fictitious legend where each painting tells a story.[5]

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