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Evelyn Morris, also known as Pikelet, is a musician from the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.[1] Although playing piano from a young age Morris's career in music began as a hardcore/punk obsessed drummer, performing in many bands but mostly in Baseball[2] and True Radical Miracle. In 2003 Morris switched from drum kit to a mix of instruments and a loop pedal for recordings as Pikelet.[3] The project employs delay pedals, piano accordion, drums, guitar and other forms of percussion.[4]

Morris does not identify as either male or female and prefers to use "they", "them" and "their" as pronouns.[5]

The name Pikelet comes from Evelyn’s mother, who used to spoil her kids with pikelets when she was a little strapped for cash. “She always had eggs, she always had flour and powdered milk in the cupboard, so she would just throw together pikelets,” Evelyn told Mess+Noise in 2007. “It was a really big deal for me, but I found out later that it was just what she did when she had nothing else.”[6]

Pikelet released their self-titled album in 2007.[1] They have toured throughout Australia, Europe and New Zealand playing with acts including Frida Hyvönen,[7] Jens Lekman,[8] Beirut, Camera Obscura, Darren Hanlon, The Blow, Sufjan Stevens, Broadcast and Ned Collette.[citation needed]

They released four albums; Pikelet (2007), Stem (2010), Calluses (2013) and Tronc (2016) on the Chapter Music label. 'Not So Still' is the title of their 2009 EP released on Special Awards Records.

From 2010 Pikelet has frequently referred to a band consisting of Morris, Shags Chamberlain, Tarquin Manek and Matthew Cox. Later releases have been described as 'deep psych pop' and songs have been written collaboratively.[9]

They played at Melbourne's main Arts Festival in 2010, and Morris was a speaker at the 2010 Melbourne live music rally.

Morris provided the score for the Australian film Acute Misfortune, an adaptation of the biography of Adam Cullen by Erik Jensen, directed by Tom Wright.[10]

Morris issued a predominately wordless, piano-based self-titled album in 2018.[5]

On March 18th 2019, Morris released the final Pikelet album, "Goodbye".[11]


As Pikelet[edit]

  • Pikelet (Chapter Music, 2007)
  • Pre-Flight Jitters (Sabbatical, 2008)
  • Not So Still (Special Awards Records, 2009)
  • Stem (Chapter Music, 2010)
  • Calluses (Chapter Music, 2013)
  • Tronc (Chapter Music, 2016)
  • Goodbye (Baby Race Records, 2019)

As Evelyn Ida Morris[edit]

  • Evelyn Ida Morris (Milk! Records, 2018)


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