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Evelyn Morris, also known as Pikelet, is a musician from the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.[1] Although they had played piano from a young age they began their career in music as a hardcore/punk obsessed drummer, performing in many bands but mostly in Baseball[2] and True Radical Miracle. In 2003 they switched from drum kit to a mix of instruments and a loop pedal to start a solo career.[3] They utilise delay pedals, piano accordion, drums, guitar and other forms of percussion in their music.[4]

The name Pikelet comes from Evelyn’s mother, who used to spoil her kids with pikelets when she was a little strapped for cash. “She always had eggs, she always had flour and powdered milk in the cupboard, so she would just throw together pikelets,” Evelyn told Mess+Noise in 2007. “It was a really big deal for me, but I found out later that it was just what she did when she had nothing else.”[5]

Pikelet released their self-titled album in 2007.[1] They have toured throughout Australia, Europe and New Zealand playing with acts including Frida Hyvönen,[6] Jens Lekman,[7] Beirut, Camera Obscura, Darren Hanlon, The Blow, Sufjan Stevens, Broadcast and Ned Collette.[citation needed]

'Not So Still' is the title of their 2009 EP released on Special Awards Records. They have released three albums; Pikelet (2007), Stem (2010) and Calluses (2013) on the Chapter Music label.

From 2010 Pikelet has come to refer to a band consisting of Morris, Shags Chamberlain, Tarquin Manek and Matthew Cox. Later releases have been described as 'deep psych pop' and songs have been written collaboratively[8]

They played at Melbourne's main Arts Festival in 2010, and was a speaker at the 2010 Melbourne live music rally.


As Pikelet[edit]

  • Pikelet (Chapter Music, 2007)
  • Pre-Flight Jitters (Sabbatical, 2008)
  • Not So Still (2009)
  • Stem (2010)
  • Calluses (2013)
  • Tronc (2016)

As Evelyn Ida Morris[edit]

  • Evelyn Ida Morris (2018)


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