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The Hebrew dictionary by Avraham Even-Shoshan, commonly known as the Even-Shoshan Dictionary, was first published (1948–1952) as "מִלּוֹן חָדָשׁ (milon khadash, A New Dictionary), later (1966–1970) as הַמִּלּוֹן הֶחָדָשׁ (hamilon hekhadash, The New Dictionary), and finally (2003, well after his death) as מִלּוֹן אֶבֶן־שׁוֹשָׁן (milon even-shoshan, The Even-Shoshan Dictionary).


The Even-Shoshan Dictionary is written fully vowelized, and not just in ktiv maleh, because ktiv maleh may change the meaning slightly. For example, in the word "להניח" ('lehaniach'), if the ה ('heh') has a patach under it, it means "to cause rest;" while if it has a kamatz under it, it means "to place."[1]

The dictionary contains over 70,000 words.


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