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Title page of an edition of Even Ha'ezer from 1565.

Even Ha'ezer (lit. “The Stone of Help” or “The Rock of the Helpmate[1]) is a section of Rabbi Jacob ben Asher's compilation of halakha (Jewish law), Arba'ah Turim. This section treats aspects of Jewish law related to marriage, divorce, and sexual conduct.[2] Later, Rabbi Yosef Karo modeled the framework of his own compilation of practical Jewish law, the Shulchan Aruch, after the Arba'ah Turim.[3] Many later commentators used this framework as well. Thus, "Even Ha'ezer" in common usage may refer to an area of halakha non-specific to Rabbi Jacob ben Asher's compilation.[citation needed]

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The other three sections of Arba'ah Turim and other works borrowing its organizational scheme are:


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