Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend

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Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend
Directed byRonnie Cramer
Produced byDavid Manning
Written byT. G. Baker
StarringAndren Scott
Monica McFarland
Sarah Young
Sheila Traister
Music byAlarming Trends
Distributed byScorched Earth Productions
Release date
  • December 25, 1991 (1991-12-25)
Running time
89 minutes
CountryUnited States

Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend is a 1991 black comedy film about a lonely security guard who spends his life savings on call girls in less than two weeks. It was directed by artist/filmmaker Ronnie Cramer[1] and is based on a story by T. G. Baker. Shot in Denver, Colorado, Omaha, Nebraska and at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, Even Hitler is celebrated in cult film circles for its extremely dark sense of humor and its copious amount of female nudity.[2]


Marcus Templeton (Scott) is a thirty-year-old, unmarried security guard who describes himself as "a lonely, desperate man." He works at night and spends his days looking at pornography and takes to peeping into windows in the hopes of seeing naked women. Marcus is slightly overweight and spends a fair amount of screen time obsessing about his physical health, finally resorting to wearing a corset and using questionable weight-loss products such as Reduce-O-Creme, which promises to "melt, melt, melt your fat away" upon application.

After several disastrous attempts at dating women, Marcus resorts to seeing prostitutes. He begins to secretly record his encounters with the call girls, first with a small tape recorder and then with a hidden video camera. He quickly spends his entire life savings and contracts sexually transmitted diseases, all the while losing his grip on reality (his father "appears" on the television screen and berates Marcus).

When a disagreeable prostitute discovers she is being surreptitiously videotaped, she pulls a handgun out of her purse, shoots Marcus and steals his video equipment. As Marcus lies bleeding to death he grabs the nearby bottle of Reduce-O-Creme and applies it to his belly in a final, futile gesture.[3]


  • Andren Scott as Marcus Templeton
  • Monica McFarland as Call Girl
  • Sheila Traister as News Reporter
  • Karen Pombo as Call Girl
  • Jim Norton as Dad
  • Christie Cass as Call Girl
  • Karen Zaczkowski as Sunbather
  • Sarah Young as Call Girl
  • Karen Burns as Call Girl



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