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Even Hotels
Number of locations
9 (2018)
Area served
North America
ParentInterContinental Hotels Group

Even Hotels (styled EVEN Hotels) is a hotel brand concept created by InterContinental Hotels Group in 2012 to create a hotel marketed to serve travelers’ holistic wellness needs.

The company had aimed to roll out the new hotel brand initially in North America with a target of 100 hotels in five years,[1] with the first opening in June 2014 in Norwalk, Connecticut with a 129-room hotel.[2] but after six years, only nine were open and operational.

Further hotels opened during 2014 in Rockville, Maryland (167 rooms),[3] with three more locations in New York that opened in 2015; a 150-room new build in the Garment District and the flagship 230-room tower near Grand Central Terminal,[4] and a 204-room property in Brooklyn, New York,[5] that opened in 2015. In 2016 a 132-room new built hotel was opened in Omaha, Nebraska.

The brand currently has a total of 9 properties and 1,361 rooms, with further hotels in the pipeline.[6] All room numbers are even numbers.

In 2013, Even Hotels launched Wellwellwell,[7] offering an information source for travelers to incorporate wellness and productivity into their travel routines.


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