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EverWing official.jpg
Developer(s)Blackstorm Labs
Publisher(s)Blackstorm Labs
Platform(s)Instant Games on Messenger and Facebook News Feed
ReleaseNovember 29, 2016

EverWing is a game created by Blackstorm Labs and released on the Instant Games platform in Facebook Messenger in November 2016.[1]


EverWing is a vertical scrolling shooter game in which Guardians and their dragon Sidekicks fight against hordes of Monsters and Bosses in order to reclaim their kingdom.

Game modes[edit]

Single Player[edit]

Single Player is the core EverWing game mode in which players control Guardians in their endless fight to defeat monsters and bosses.

Boss Raids[edit]

Boss Raids is a cooperative multiplayer mode which allows players to team up with their friends to defeat super-powerful monsters. Boss Raids launched as part of an in-game event, The Reckoning, on March 1, 2017.[2]


Quests allow users to send their Guardian Sophia on missions, and come back later to claim treasure collected by the Guardian.


Name Title Description Level Unlocked Coins Requirement
Alice Guardian of Courage She never backs down from a challenge and is always first to the front lines of battle. - 0
Fiona Guardian of Dragons She was born in the wilds and raised by dragons. When dragons fly with her, they earn 2x XP! 2 1,000
Sophia Guardian of Adventure Renowned, explorer, inventor and scientist, she is 2x faster completing Quests 3 12,000
Lily Guardian of Fortune A master Alchemist and Mage of the Third Order, she earns 2x Coins. Cha-ching! 10 30,0000
Aurora Guardian of Nature Caretaker of the forest, a true sister to Nature. Her enchanted super magnet attracts items! 19 150,0000
Lenore Guardian of Twilight A mysterious loner, with a dark and haunting past, some say she acts as if she has 2 lives... 25 150,0000
Jade Guardian of Shadows An assassin who fears nothing, she can become invulnerable and double damage after charging up. 30 From challenges
Arcana Guardian of Magic This sly illusionist has a few tricks up her sleeve. She can clone sidekicks after charging up. 35 From boss raids and challenges
Lyra Guardian of Might Five-star General, formerly of the Royal EverWing Airforce, she now commands the five elements within her plasma cannons. From boss raids and challenges
Trixie Guardian of Mischief A spunky warrior with a love of sweets, Trixie collects candy to rush through enemy waves and gain massive boosts in Raids.
Lucia Guardian of Frost Imbued with the power of winter,Lucia pierces enemies with frozen daggers and freeze them mid-flight From boss raids and challenges


Sidekicks are dragons that can be bought as eggs, through either coins or trophies, in the dragon roost, or obtained by challenging friends to play Everwing.

Dragons are one of five rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic. Common dragons have no special powers, but have high attack damage. Rare dragons have special powers, and medium attack damage. Legendary dragons usually have better special powers, and medium to high attack damage.

Dragons have a different number of stars depending on how evolved they are. A one star dragon can only level up to level 10. It must be evolved to level up further and become a 2-star dragon. A 2-star dragon can only level up to level 20 before it must evolve up to 3 stars. A level 30, 3 star dragon is the highest level a dragon can reach.

In order to evolve a dragon, you need two of the same dragons at their maximum level. If they have the same zodiac sign, the dragon will receive bonus damage of 25% and 30% for each tier.

Dragons can be sold (permanently) for trophies or money. Dragons that are at level 10, 20 or 30 sell for Trophies, whereas at any other level, it is for money.

Dragon Eggs[edit]
Name Cost Chance of a Common Dragon Chance of a Rare Dragon Chance of a Legendary Dragon
Common 10 Coins 100% 5% 0%
Bronze 3,000 Coins 90% 9% 1%
Silver 250 Trophies 40% 54% 6%
Gold 500 Trophies 0% 88% 12%
Magical 1,000 Trophies 0% 70% 30%
Legendary 3,5

\20 Trophies 100%

100% 100%


EverWing features a gamebot which notifies users about the status of leaderboard competitions, as well as their various Boss Raids and Quests. Players can also interact with the gamebot to manage their Quests directly from the chat thread, claiming treasures, and redeploying their Guardians again on another Quest.[3][4][5]


EverWing was named the Facebook Game of the Year in 2016.[6]


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