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Everbridge, Inc.
Russell 2000 Component
IndustryCritical Communications
Pasadena, California and Burlington, Massachusetts
Area served
Key people
Jaime Ellertson (Chairman, CEO)
ProductsIncident management
IT alerting
Secure messaging
Internet of Things
Community Engagement

Everbridge (formerly known as 3n Global and the National Notification Network) is a global provider of SaaS-based critical communications and enterprise safety solutions. It began operations in 2002.[1] In an emergency, Everbridge sends messages via telephone, text message and email,[1] but stop once they know that a person has read a message.[2] An app allows emergency managers to track geotagged tweets that contain specific hashtags and use this information to respond to incidents as they occur.[1]

Their system was used in 2012 to send over 10 million messages to residents during Hurricane Sandy.[1][2] During the Boston Marathon bombings in April 2013, the city of Boston used Everbridge for its critical communications.[3] Everbridge relayed information to business operators, employees, firefighters, hospital staff, police and residents after the explosions and during the lockdown of Boston, Watertown, Waltham and surrounding areas.[4]

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