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Everett W. Reimer (1910–1998[1]) was an education theorist who authored several books on educational policy and was a proponent of deschooling. He was a notable friend of Ivan Illich, whom he met at the Catholic University of Puerto Rico.

Books published[edit]

  • Power for All or for None by Katherine and Everett Reimer (1998)
Paperback: 348 pages
Publisher: Inkworks Press Oakland, CA (1998)
Language: English
  • School is Dead: Alternatives in Education
176 pages
Publisher: Penguin (1971)
Language: English
ISBN 0-14-080169-3
  • Unusual ideas in education (Series B: Opinions / International Commission on the Development of Education) (Series B: Opinions / International Commission on the Development of Education)
11 pages
Publisher: Unesco (January 1, 1971)
Language: English
  • Social problems associated with the development of Puerto Rico during the last two decades (January 1, 1960)
Publisher: s.n. (January 1, 1960)
Language: English
  • Venezuela's human resources (January 1, 1964)
  • Problems of methodology in the investigation and planning of education [and] training in Venezuela (January 1, 1964)
  • Three weeks in the life of a utopia (1976)
  • Futuros alternativos (Serie de planificación)
110 pages
Publisher: Editorial Universitaria, Universidad de Puerto Rico; 1. ed edition (1976)
Language: Spanish
ISBN 0-8477-2434-4
  • Social planning: Collected papers, 1957-68 (CIDOC cuaderno) (1968)
  • Comprehensive educational planning in Puerto Rico (Comprehensive planning in state education agencies) (January 1, 1968)
103 pages
Publisher: Office of Planning and Educational Development, Dept. of Education (January 1, 1968)
Language: English


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